Anac oil analysis

Anac, for accurate used oil analysis

ANAC, short for ANAlysis Compared, aims to help you to optimise maintenance and reduce down-time thanks to its oil analysis laborator. By analysing a sample of oil, our experts can establish a thorough diagnosis of all mechanical parts (engine, transmissions, hydraulics) of your equipment without the constraint of disassembly. Thus, you can easily monitor the reliability of your engine.  

TOTAL ANAC has been serving facility managers for more than 40 years and has carried out more than 4 million diagnostic operations in its drive to optimize and extend the service life of car engines and other mechanical components. Active in 46 different countries, each and every one of the centers abroad is connected to a central database allowing ANAC to benefit from a huge source of information. This information can be used to compare the results of fluid analysis routines adapted for any automotive and industrial application and to help identify areas of improvement.

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