Alternative fuels

Alternative fuels

Pladis (formerly United Biscuits) claim that the government needs to focus on increasing the use of alternative fuels such as used cooking oil to aid the development of a new mass-market. 

This company began experimenting with UCO in 2010. After initially mixed results, they decided to team up with Biomiotive (which is now part of bio fuel refiner Olleco) and gathered really good results with no performance or maintenance problems. During their participation in the DfT Low Carbon Truck Trials 2012, the results showed that they had saved a combined 2,300 tonnes of C02 and boasted a 40% reduction in tail-pipe particle emissions relative to diesel vehicles.

Rob Wright, Head of Distribution at Pladis (previously United Biscuits) explains that the issue they face with alternative fuels is economical, "We are in a chicken-and-egg situation. To make this a viable proposition, Olleco needs the volume to bring the price down” he said. Rob also added, “We need to get some support in the short-term from the DfT. There used to be a duty break on bio-fuels but that was when there was mixed publicity and talk that if it was coming from virgin crops, it wasn’t the right thing to do."

We will see if they get more support in the coming months...

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