All about oil pressure

All about oil pressure

Everybody knows about oil pressure, but are you sure you know exactly what it means?

The oil pressure gauge shows how much effort is required by the pump to move the oil in order to generate lubrication needed. This pressure actually has nothing to do with the pressure between the other parts of the system such as crankshaft bearings or cams. 

Indeed the oil pressure gauge indicates a level between the maximum and minimum of your car lubrication process. So whether the gauge is below the minimum or above the maximum, it's not a good sign and implies the lubrication process is not happening correctly. 

If the gauge exceeds the maximum level then that level of lubrication is inadequate. In addition the energy used by the pump comes from combustion which means you will consume more fuel than usual.

If your gauge is below the minimum level it may indicate that your oil is too runny, either because of low viscosity or because of the presence of fuel in the oil. It may also be due to an oil leak in the system. 

That is why you need to be particularly careful and choose high quality oil suited to your vehicle to meet your engine requirements.

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