A Eurovat Portrait

Gulnora Chauvière: A Eurovat Portrait

Gulnora Chauvière, Customer Adviser for Eurovat, met with Total Truck Solutions to discuss her everyday and their collaboration with Eurovat. 

Eurovat focuses on the reimbursement of foreign VAT and Diesel taxes for international haulage companies. Gulnora makes sure since 2005 that customers are happily refunded with the larger vision to improve hauliers' cash flow. 

Gulnora enjoys the organisational and multi-faceted side to her position in a company, which is constantly developing new services/tools and itself. For instance, one of Eurovat's new services is to represent foreign transport companies in accordance to the Macron Law: "Posting of Workers in France." Eurovat supports its customers with their travel documents in order to keep them law-abiding. 

Eurovat and Total Truck Solutions provide each other with more visibility on both of their range of services, especially in the international haulier sector. In fact, Total Truck Solution provides Eurovat with updated information about haulier activity and new offers. On the other hand, Total, AS24 and Total Truck Solutions gain significant insights into European haulier rules. 

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