A challenge for hauliers — UK is Europe’s third most congested country

A challenge for hauliers — UK is Europe’s third most congested country

If you thought UK roads were congested, you were right.

In fact, the UK ranks in the top ten most congested countries in the world; the third most congested in Europe behind Russia and Turkey.

According to the INRIX 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard, which analysed and ranked the impact of traffic congestion in 1,360 cities across 38 countries worldwide, London was the UK’s most congested city with motorists spending an unbelievable 74 hours a year (on average) in congestion in peak times.

Traffic costs hauliers money – not only in the short-term through missed delivery slots, but in the long-run you could lose out on repeat business, premature vehicle failures, and increased operating costs.

Luckily, the UK government has pledged to do something about it; promising a £23 billion upgrade to the road network in England. Following these improvements, in theory road users will benefit from shorter journey times, reduced congestion and increased road capacity.

Upgrades include adding capacity to sections of the A1 in Northumberland, as well as proposals to increase capacity at the A12 Colchester Bypass and create a new strategic corridor to the south-west via the A303. Other improvements include a more efficient J19 on the M6 and an upgrade to the link between the Port of Liverpool and the motorway network. Sounds like this could be great news for fleet managers and delivery companies alike.

With the upgrade works already taking place, it’s good to know that AS 24 offers both driver and fleet manager apps to help optimise fleets and deliveries.

The AS 24 Driver app allows drivers to search for all AS 24 stations and see details of the services provided, with an access map and navigation function to take you to the required station. The AS 24 Fleet Manager app allows fleet managers to keep a check on transactions and alerts for abnormal transactions on your cards as well as information on the AS 24 station network. It also allows you to pinpoint your trucks equipped with PASSango Pilot.

Plus Total Truck Solutions (TTS) features a LIVE traffic updates tool, to help keep your fleet moving on the road, which will be especially useful whilst improvement works are underway on the main routes.

What do you think of the government’s plans? Will they increase efficiency for hauliers, and is the government doing enough to deliver on its promises?  We’d like to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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