50th anniversary of Volvo

Focus on Volvo's automated technologies

Volvo is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its trucks' first entry to the UK market. In 1967, two entrepreneurs, Jim McKelvie and Jim Keyden introduced the Volvo F86 to a market in high demand of trucks. 
Today, Volvo is innovating with its self-driving tech in several private or urban settings: a mine in northern Sweden,  garbage collection or even Brazilian sugar-cane harvests. 

In September 2016, Volvo self-driving truck operated 1,320 meters underground as part of a project to improve transport flow, while increasing safety of the workers in mines. 

Following their success, Volvo partnered with Swedish waste and garbage specialists Renova to test how automation could enhance traffic safety, improve working conditions and lower environmental impact in the trash collection sector. Regular routes used by garbage trucks suit autonomous driving, which can be pre-programmed. While there is still a human monitoring the collection process, when the truck arrives at a destination, it maneuvers itself between trash bins. The truck increases safety as it automatically stops if it encounters a child for example, or reduces the risks of occupational injuries. 

In 2017, Volvo also launched a truck with a driver assistance system that automates steering in Brazilian sugar canes to increase productivity and improve drivers' working conditions. With the help of a GPS, the vehicle follows a map across a sugarcane field and is steered with great precision, enabling the driver to remain focus on something other than the tiring high precision steering process. 

These examples highlight how vehicles with different levels of automation will slowly take over daily processes on public roads or in industry-specific cases and contribute to higher productivity, a better working environment and improved safety. 

For more information, visit Volvo Truck's website.

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