OnTruck Upgrades

OnTruck Reveals Upgrades for Drivers

OnTruck makes it easier than ever for lorry drivers to get more jobs and increase income by reducing empty running miles. As the leading solution for short-haul goods transport, the new app dedicated to drivers has rolled out various new features and upgrades. Drivers control the entire job process from their smartphone from start to finish.

Here’s what’s new:

Job selection

As jobs becomes available, the carrier receives real-time notifications on their phone. All important information like cargo specifications, times, locations, and the amount paid are shown upfront. This is where you get to choose whether to accept or reject the job.

Partial and full-day work

OnTruck have started sending routes for partial as well as full-day work. This means a) you get more work, and b) you have better visibility on daily earnings through the app. You’ll still receive single jobs (as some carriers love this flexibility) but OnTruck now also sends out entire routes where appropriate.

Getting paid

To complete the job and get paid carriers need to upload a photo of the manifest. OnTruck have released an update that makes it easier to do this, and they’ve also created a reminder workflow that nudges carriers 30 minutes after unloading if the manifest hasn’t been uploaded.

Carrier support

There’s a new chat feature in the app where you can speak to OnTruck’s customer service team. (Humans, based in London, not bots!) Meanwhile, there’s also phone-based IVR (interactive voice response) available so carriers can get in touch with OnTruck more easily and get any issues that occur on the job resolved more quickly. This means it’s easier for carriers to flag issues (such as standstill or difficulty with operations at shipper sites) to ensure a better experience at shipper sites are accurately paid for any standstill time.  

But that’s not all. You’ll also notice improvements to GPS tracking and one more highly requested feature: making Journey ID available in the Done Journeys card. This is a small improvement but one that allows carriers to sync up invoices more accurately and is helpful in resolving any billing queries. All feature updates reflect OnTruck’s core promise: to give carriers lots of jobs and make sure they get paid quickly and fully for their work.

Find out more about OnTruck’s plans for 2018 or check out the app.

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